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Motorcycle Upholstery is a specialized motorcycle upholstery and restoration service provider in California. We have been providing professional motorcycle upholstery service to clients for more than 50 years, offering world-class quality upholstery services throughout California and its surrounding areas. We are a family-owned and operated motorcycle upholstery service business. For generations, our customers have relied on Motorcycle Upholstery with their prized custom motorcycles, furniture, classic cars, boats, and more. As a family business that stretches for two generations, we are committed to providing the best service combined with excellent customer service. It is our lifelong commitment and dedication to family values and customer satisfaction that drives our business success.

If you want the best motorcycle seats or motorcycle upholstery in California at the lowest prices with exceptional customer care and after-sales services, we are the place to go! So visit our showroom now!

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Our Services


Motorcycle Upholstery has been in the motorcycle upholstery and motorcycle upholstery restoration since 1950. We are one of the most reliable and trusted motorcycle upholstery and restoration services provider in California with thousands of satisfied and repeat customers. We provide all kinds of quality, custom upholstery for your custom motorcycles, “Hot Rods,” “Hot Bikes,” vintage furniture, vintage cars, boats, and many more. Additionally, we also store a wide array of some of the best and most beautiful motorcycle upholstery materials for you to choose from, including quality fabrics, vinyl, leather, and exotic hides.

If you are looking for repairing or foam replacement for your motorcycle seat, or locally authorized “Pro Pad” gel pad dealer and installer, we have you covered. We also do everything from simple motorcycle repairs to custom interiors to motorcycle seats foam replacement or re-stuffing and everything in between. Want your designs to match the graphics on your motorcycle or car? No problem, we have you covered!

Why Choose Motorcycle Upholstery?

Our mission at Motorcycle Upholstery is to create a superior riding experience for our customers by fitting your motorcycle with the best seat in the market. The goal is to provide you with enhanced confidence in the bike and control and ensure that you have a much more enjoyable adventure and riding experience on the road.


We provide upholstery repairs with long-lasting value. We are pioneers in the motorcycle upholstery services in California and have high specialization in upholstery for motorcycles, classic cars, vintage furniture restoration, and other custom upholstery projects. We believe in offering outstanding quality and comfort for your bikes as well as your riding experiences. Our motorcycle upholstery is the best in all of California, and for the last few decades, we have been voted to be the best motorcycle upholstery service provider in California.


For better and more comfortable riding experience, we make the best motorcycle seats in the industry. We customize and install high-quality gel pads into your motorcycle seats to make your long trips enjoyable and more comfortable. All of our motorcycle upholstery services are custom-built for your body and the motorcycle/bike seat warranting that you get the most out of your riding experience regardless if it’s a short trip or a long trip within the city or town or a cross-country bike tour.


Ensuring our customers get the best motorcycle upholstery and service in California is what we strive for since we established our business. We have some of the best skilled and experienced craftsmen and designers in the industry, and all of our employees have years of experience in furniture, auto, and marine upholstery shops. We also have experience in motorcycle/bike seat designs, horse saddle shop, and aircraft restoration shop. All of the motorcycle upholstery, including motorcycle/bike seats, are made of the highest-quality materials and will last for years.


Recycling is essential to Motorcycle Upholstery, and we believe re-upholstering gives it new life to products for many more years. We believe in providing the best value for your money and ensure that all of our customers get something that will last for a long time. Our dedication to quality work, excellent customer satisfaction, and affordable pricing, and timely delivery of our services has made us No#1 Motorcycle Upholstery in California.


At Motorcycle Upholstery, our team is continuously working to provide the best motorcycle upholstery services and striving for perfection so that you can enjoy a more comfortable ride. We make all of the motorcycle upholstery, including motorcycle seats, in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable way. We make all of the products in the USA at our state-of-the-art facilities.


If you’re looking for the best motorcycle upholstery, motorcycle seats, motorcycle upholstery services, or other custom upholstery projects, don’t look anywhere and come us! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or stop by our shop!


We look forward to meeting you and show you what we can for your motorcycle. Call us at 1-855-5732683 or email us at Design@MotorcycleUpholstery.Com. We also provide in-house consultation and estimate for free!

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