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Motorcycle Upholstery is the largest family-owned and operated motorcycle upholstery and accessory and motorcycle dealership in California. Founded in 1980 by our founder Fred Mills, we first started our business by offering motorcycle repairs and motorcycle upholstery refinishing and repairs business. As our revenues and customer base expanded, we ventured into offering custom motorcycles, custom motorcycle seats, motorcycle seat foam, motorcycle upholstery, and accessories business.

We are also one of the largest multi-line motorcycle dealers in California, offering all kinds of motorcycles from Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, and more. Our main headquarters and display center encompasses more than 120,000 square feet quickly making us one of the most extensive motorcycle upholstery and motorcycle dealerships in the state.

Since our foundation in 1980, Motorcycle Upholstery has been a family-owned business, and we are fully committed to offering our customers the best in product quality and customer service. If you are looking for the best custom motorcycle seats or motorcycle seat foam f0r your favorite ride, contact us today. We guarantee that if you won’t be disappointed with our products or services.

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Is your motorcycle seat showing signs of wear and tear? Has the foam or gel of motorcycle seat flattened? Do you experience pain while riding your bike during long tours? It means you need to replace the motorcycle seat, or motorcycle seat foam, or motorcycle seat cover, or everything.

At Motorcycle Upholstery, we offer a quick motorcycle seat or motorcycle seat cover repairs and reupholstery. We also provide a wide array of seat covers, foam, gel and air seat pads for better comfort on long trips. We also sell and design complete seats for various motorbike models. If you are not satisfied with our current offerings or can’t find what you need, don’t worry, we have you covered. From us, you can buy specialized motorcycle seat foam from and make your customized seat for your bike.

We at Motorcycle Upholstery, offer not only the best motorcycle upholstery in California, but also the best motorcycle seats, motorcycle seat foam, and other motorcycle accessories at the lowest price. If you want high-quality motorcycle upholstery and accessories at guaranteed low prices, we are the place to be! We offer upholstery and accessories from the world’s best-known motorcycle upholstery manufacturers like Saddlemen. We have an incredible collection of custom motorcycle seats, motorcycle seat covers, motorcycle upholstery, and accessories that are guaranteed to fit most motorcycles.

Whether you own a Harley, Honda, or a Kawasaki, if you are looking for a motorcycle seat or motorcycle seat cover, we can provide it! Besides, we also sell genuine factory-made motorcycle parts and accessories. We also offer vintage motorcycle repairs, custom motorcycle designs, motorcycle seat reupholstery, motorcycle seat covers repairs, motorcycle seat foam inserts, motorcycle seats, get inserts, motorcycle seats reshaping, and motorcycle seat foam replacements.

So don’t worry that you can’t find the right motorcycle seat or motorcycle seat cover if your ride is a sports bike, motocross bike, a dirt bike, or a touring motorcycle. Just visit our shop or call our customer service agent, and we can provide everything you need.

Why Choose Motorcycle Upholstery?

We at Motorcycle Upholstery are one of the few motorcycle upholstery shops that offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective method to upgrade the upholstery of your bike. We have some of the best and well-known makers of motorcycle upholstery, custom motorcycle seats, motorcycle seat foam, motorcycle seat covers, and motorcycle accessories for your ride. It doesn’t matter if your ride is a sports bike, a touring bike, a Harley-Davidson, or a Vespa scooter, we have everything you need to customize your bike. If you are looking for the best motorcycle repairs and reupholstery service with the guarantee of the lowest price, we are your one-stop solution for all your motorcycle upholstery requirements. We offer our customers the best price for our services. If you take buy custom motorcycle seats or custom motorcycle seat covers from us—be assured you will save money.

We at Motorcycle Upholstery are incredibly passionate about the services we provide. We are also proud to let you know that we offer the largest collection of top quality motorcycle seat foams, motorcycle seats, motorcycle seat covers, and accessories.

If you want to know more details about our services or want to check out previously completed projects, visit our showroom today! You can also check our website to see previously done projects. If you’ve any questions about our products or services, call us at 1-855-5732683 or send an email to us your questions or any suggestions you may have at Design@MotorcycleUpholstery.Com.

Designed with your specific model in mind, Luimoto seat covers provide a stunning aesthetic upgrade using the finest fabrics.

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