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Founded in 1980, Motorcycle Upholstery has been leading motorcycle upholstery shop specializing in the design and manufacturing of top motorcycle upholstery, custom motorcycle seats, bike covers, aftermarket parts and accessories for the past 29 years. We at Motorcycle Upholstery believe that our ideas are the products of innovative minds. We don’t think of motorcycles or bikes simply a means of transportation, but a vehicle that is the testament to an individual’s identity and personality.

The motorcycle upholstery and accessories industry are exceptionally competitive. Therefore to stay miles ahead than the rest, our team is working super hard to come up with the best solutions and innovative motorcycle upholstery and accessories.

Motorcycle Upholstery is an empowered and passionate team, and we are consistently creating innovative products that are a surefire way to enhance the overall experience of the motorcycle enthusiast. Our vision is to become recognized as the global leader in sports bike covers and to be the center point of innovation in the motorcycle upholstery industry. Our mission is to become the first choice of customers, employees, shareholders, and partners for top motorcycle upholstery gears and parts.

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Motorcycle covers or otherwise known as bike covers, protect your custom motorcycle or sports bike from all the elements when not in service. Good-quality motorcycle covers protect your expensive sports bike from precipitation, harmful UV rays, as well as dust, build up. Not using good-quality sports bike covers will fade and wear away the paint finish. At Motorcycle Upholstery, we carry the best sport bike covers from class-leading motorcycle cover manufacturers such as Saddlemen, Kuryakyn, Nelson Rigg, Dowco, and Oxford.

We can fully guarantee you that our comprehensive collection of top sports bike covers are made of high-quality materials, waterproof, breathable, and long-lasting than any other sports bike cover producers. Our sports bike covers will last and provide superior protection to your ride for many years.

We have top-notch, all-weather motorcycle covers, dust covers, and half-covers in our inventory for almost all kinds and brands of motorcycles on the market. Whether your sports bike is from Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, or Kawasaki, if you want the best sport bike covers for your favorite bike at affordable prices, we can provide it!

In addition to offering the best sport bike covers from top bike covers manufacturers on the market, Motorcycle Upholstery also provides high-quality motorcycle upholstery and motorcycle upholstery restorations. We also offer motorcycle repairs, motorcycle seats foam replacements, custom motorcycle graphics, motorcycle seat foam and gel, custom motorcycle seats and seat covers made from the best quality fabrics, vinyl, and exotic hides and leathers, and everything in between. So, if you are looking for a motorcycle upholstery shop that provides not only the best sport bike covers on the market but also reliable motorcycle repairs and reupholstery, we are the ones who can do the job.

Why Choose Motorcycle Upholstery?

Motorcycle Upholstery was founded in 2007 by a team of diehard motorcycle riders and enthusiasts whose mission was to provide the best possible motorcycle upholstery parts and accessories combined with the best possible shopping experience.

There is a lot of competition within the motorcycle gear and parts industry. Still, we are trying our best to stay ahead of the game by offering high-quality motorcycle upholstery and accessories at reasonable prices combined with straightforward and exceptional customer service. Our team is working round the clock to providing new and innovative motorcycle upholstery and accessories to differentiate ourselves from the pack.

At Motorcycle Upholstery, all of our activities show how committed we are about providing the best motorcycle gear and parts and putting our customer’s satisfaction as our #1 priority. For us, the customer is always right and comes first. Our skilled technicians, artisans, and experienced team of designers are doing everything possible to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied and feel proud of embellishing our brand on their custom motorcycle seats and motorcycle seat covers.

We cherish all customer feedback and testimonials. Since our founding almost two decades ago, we have served more than 120,000 customers with hundreds of positive and encouraging compliments from past customers. We can assure you that our customer base is the most loyal and largest than our competitors, which makes us one of the most trusted motorcycle seats, motorcycle seat covers, and motorcycle gear and parts brands in California.

If you have a priceless dirt bike or a sports bike and looking for the best sport bike covers at affordable prices, Motorcycle Upholstery is the place to go! Don’t forget to send in your questions, recc0mendations, or testimonials to us. We like to hear what our cust0mers think about us and about the experiences of using our motorcycle upholstery and accessories. So, visit our showroom today or call us now at 1-855-5732683 or email us at best Design@MotorcycleUpholstery.Com

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